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Lesley took a few days out in Rotterdam to recharge her batteries at a Sibelius concert. She also attended a service at the Scots Presbyterian Church. Though not a practising Christian, she didn't realise how much spiritual sustenance she needed.

She also spent time with former Labour minister,Les Huckfield, who's now campaigning vigorously for Pete Wishart.

These two, seemingly, contrasting but actually complementary experiences take up the first part of this week's podcast. 

As the polls still, despite recent shifts, show the likelihood of a Tory majority government we ask, yet again, what next for the independence movement in that scenario.

Jackson Carlaw appeared on the Call Kaye Show yesterday, and my spirits, which definitely needed raising, were lifted by the incredible "Mo from Glasgow".

I have a wee pet theory about the impact of Nicola Sturgeon's performances on TV and I try it out on Lesley.

The Brexit Party were campaigning in Dundee last Saturday, and Lesley manages to make something quite noble and rational from my less than diplomatic reaction to them.

It's PISA time,again,  and once again  Scottish education comes under scrutiny for our standings in the league table.Lesley looks at the outstanding Estonian system, and I question not only PISA itself but the validity of its results and methods.

There's all the usual highways and byways plus a plug for the Oor Wullie musical at Dundee Rep.




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