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John Crawford thinks wheelie bins should be emptied biweekly. Ross from Bearsden disagrees. This week's Riddoch Questions has everyone talking rubbish.
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The Riddoch Questions crew jumped straight into rubbish and meandered around various body decorations whilst touching all things waste related. Newcomers Pat from Adam Smith and David from Dundee Uni make their debut in this last Aftermath before Christmas.
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A week is a long time in politics and Martin Ford the Aberdeen councillor saw his fortunes change. A golf course, an American billionaire and some very heated debate feature in this week's Riddoch Questions. The producer was heard afterwards to say " Now, that was phone in."High praise indde and you will find out as you listen to Lesley and her guests.
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Martin Ford -- the Aberdeenshire councillor whose veto blocked the Trump Golf proposal till the Scottish government called in the plans last week and Martin was removed as head of the council’s Infrastructure Committee. Did I give him too hard a time? A not inconsiderable flurry of emailers thought I did……including one angry caller Oltelia.

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Irvine Welsh, the author of 'Trainspotting' was pretty forthright about drink; it is a human right to get intoxicated. The phone lines lit up and the debate was heated as Lesley Riddoch steered everyone around the subject of the demon drink.
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There is a health warning; Lesley and the team get it wrong. In a Riddoch Questions that deals with drink; there was an embarrassing black out where a technical hitch meant the studio output disappeared into the ether. The posse, in this podcast, wrongly assume that the studio recording will be complete...it isn't and the sharp eared will hear the edit that disguises this dead air in next week's iTunes podcast. However, Sean does explain Calvin and Lesley reveals a different and unexpected side of the author of 'Trainspotting'.
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Murdo Fraser came into the studio to explain why it wasn't fair for Scottish MPs to vote on English matters. The 'West Lothian question' got examined in detail in a discussion that saw everyone with a strong opinion including listeners.
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On St Andrew's Day, Murdo Fraser was the guest. Some Napier University students including Priscilla from China were there to observe. What did they make it ? The subjects for discussion included...discussion versus argument...can the English sing and a Derek Dougan revelation.
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Mike Small thinks we should only eat food from our immediate surroundings. This has been dubbed the Fife Diet and was the subject of Riddoch Questions. Mike did not have an easy time of it...including a withering attack from the students at Baldragon Academy...but importantly what do you think ?
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It was a fairly sparky old programme and Mike the man with Fife Diet took it on the chin. But, in the aftermath, what did he think?  And what didn't get said on the air ?  Lesley and the crew discuss  Riddoch Questions - the Fife Diet, reveal all and hatch an unusual Burns Supper.
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Education was on the agenda when the Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop came into the studio. Class sizes, NEETS, the role of colleges and a host of other topics as Lesley put the issues of the day to her.
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Lesley takes us behind the scenes and explains what happened with Fiona Hyslop...what did happen if you were on the phone trying to speak to the Education Secretary ?...she also talks about some of the programmes coming up in the Riddoch Questions series...each week we try and get Lesley to come to the microphone and tell us a little more...
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 The Scottish raj or the macmafia; whatever it is, Jeremy Paxman has strong views. The conversation starts with the Queen, Royalty and some revelations. The phrase 'you are a lazy journalist' is thrown in at one point. Lesley Riddoch meets Jeremy Paxman and fireworks do happen.
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In this episode of Riddoch Questions, Nicola Sturgeon MSP and Deputy Leader of the SNP answers some tough questions about the current Scottish Government's performance to day. Speaking from the Aviemore at the SNP Party Conference, she does not get an easy ride.
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Jeremy Bowen, the BBC Middle East editor wasted no time getting to grips with Lesley's question; "was TV news guilty of 'dumbing down' ?"

The answer wasn't simple or comfortable.

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The MP Brian Donohoe turned up to assert Proportional Representation and the resultant Councils were not good, to say the least. It was a fractious encounter as Lesley got into the middle and had to pull the various parties apart.
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 Is Ian Paisley beyond the pale ? In the opening address at this year's Wigtown Book Festival, the Northern Ireland First Minister was in top form. Following up some of his remarks, Lesley met up with Belfast writer, Malachi O'Doherty and took the temperature. The 'Troubles', the new leadership and Ulster Scots were the focal points. In fact, Ulter Scots and 'big jessies' seemed to inflame everyone...
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Germaine Greer is no stranger to controversy. In this week's Riddoch Questions, Ms Greer lays into 'ladettes', shares gloomy thoughts about feminism and explains her infamous 'Diana' quote. Well, what would you expect when two feisty women engage ?
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The Chief Exec of Scottish Wildlife Trust doesn't want Donald Trump and his proposed Aberdeenshire golf course. Lesley gets a variety of opinions from golfers, opponents and even a geologist! Yes, Donald Trump does make an appearance.
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Teenagers smoking is the hot issue. Maureen Moore of ASH says 'no', Belinda Cunnison of Pro Choice says 'why not' and some Dundee youngsters say 'double standards'. Christine Grahame SNP MSP also joins Lesley in this lively debate.
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Riddoch Questions returns after its summer break with a hard hiting programme about drugs. In the hot seat is John Vine Chief Constable of Tayside Police who argues we should be prescribing heroin to reduce crime. It is a heated debate with some fascinating contributions from Bob Wylie amongst others.

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Tony Blair's spin doctor was Lesley's guest on Riddoch Questions. He was colourful and controversial. The ensuing discussion about Scottish media was heated and illuminating. This is the last in the current run of Riddoch Questions which returns on September 7 on BBC Radio Scotland. Thanks for listening.
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Affordable housing, land banks, and planning constraints all came to the fore when Stewart Maxwell, Communities Minister came into the studio. Lesley and her guests heard some awful stories from young people trying to get on the bottom rung of the housing ladder. Housing is clearly a very emotive subject.
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Lesley is in the Outer Hebrides this week and the talk turns to the Sabbath and ferries.There is a fairly heated debate between a Reverend, a Councillor and a startled MP. In the end, no one did get their Sunday crossing from the Hebridean Festival this year...but who knows about next year.
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Lesley meets Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish Justice Minister in the aftermath of the Glasgow airport car bombing. She also visits Dundee Central Mosque and meets the Chariman, Imam and young people - their views make for an interesting reality check. 

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Against the background of the SCCRC report about the bombing, Jim Swire agreed to come on Riddoch Questions. Lesley handled the whole emotive subject well. There were a few startling revelations.
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This was the first outside broadcast of the Riddoch Questions series in Glasgow. Lesley Riddoch and an audience pondered the waterfront, the buildings and the renewal of Glasgow. All from the new riverside setting of the BBC Scotland at Pacific Quay.
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Alex Neil joined Lesley Riddoch to talk about Scottish Enterprise. Alex has strong views and is put under some pressure as Robert Crawford former CEO of Scottish Enterprise and Allan Wilson former Enterprise Minister join the debate.

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After all the hype around the tram proposals for Edinburgh, the leader of the Council, Jenny Dawe was in fine form. She didn't get a smooth ride from Lesley in this episode of Riddoch Questions. Watch out for the surprising vox pops.
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With a lively audience at the Gardening Scotland show, Lesley unpicks the science and the myth. The expected fireworks with Bob Ward and Martin Livermore were enlightening and educating.

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The former Energy Minister Brian Wilson was Lesley's guest. Naturally enough, the talk turned to nuclear, wind and a series of energy related issues. Brian had a series of remarkable insights.
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In this Riddoch Questions, the LibDem leader gets taken to task about the coalition talks by Lesley. It is a fascinating encounter and the revelations in the last section poses interesting questions of "what if" and "if only".
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Riddoch Questions opens with Lesley grilling the SNP Leader Alex Salmond.
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