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This was the first outside broadcast of the Riddoch Questions series in Glasgow. Lesley Riddoch and an audience pondered the waterfront, the buildings and the renewal of Glasgow. All from the new riverside setting of the BBC Scotland at Pacific Quay.
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Alex Neil joined Lesley Riddoch to talk about Scottish Enterprise. Alex has strong views and is put under some pressure as Robert Crawford former CEO of Scottish Enterprise and Allan Wilson former Enterprise Minister join the debate.

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After all the hype around the tram proposals for Edinburgh, the leader of the Council, Jenny Dawe was in fine form. She didn't get a smooth ride from Lesley in this episode of Riddoch Questions. Watch out for the surprising vox pops.
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With a lively audience at the Gardening Scotland show, Lesley unpicks the science and the myth. The expected fireworks with Bob Ward and Martin Livermore were enlightening and educating.

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The former Energy Minister Brian Wilson was Lesley's guest. Naturally enough, the talk turned to nuclear, wind and a series of energy related issues. Brian had a series of remarkable insights.
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