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Affordable housing, land banks, and planning constraints all came to the fore when Stewart Maxwell, Communities Minister came into the studio. Lesley and her guests heard some awful stories from young people trying to get on the bottom rung of the housing ladder. Housing is clearly a very emotive subject.
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Lesley is in the Outer Hebrides this week and the talk turns to the Sabbath and ferries.There is a fairly heated debate between a Reverend, a Councillor and a startled MP. In the end, no one did get their Sunday crossing from the Hebridean Festival this year...but who knows about next year.
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Lesley meets Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish Justice Minister in the aftermath of the Glasgow airport car bombing. She also visits Dundee Central Mosque and meets the Chariman, Imam and young people - their views make for an interesting reality check. 

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Against the background of the SCCRC report about the bombing, Jim Swire agreed to come on Riddoch Questions. Lesley handled the whole emotive subject well. There were a few startling revelations.
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