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Jeremy Bowen, the BBC Middle East editor wasted no time getting to grips with Lesley's question; "was TV news guilty of 'dumbing down' ?"

The answer wasn't simple or comfortable.

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The MP Brian Donohoe turned up to assert Proportional Representation and the resultant Councils were not good, to say the least. It was a fractious encounter as Lesley got into the middle and had to pull the various parties apart.
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 Is Ian Paisley beyond the pale ? In the opening address at this year's Wigtown Book Festival, the Northern Ireland First Minister was in top form. Following up some of his remarks, Lesley met up with Belfast writer, Malachi O'Doherty and took the temperature. The 'Troubles', the new leadership and Ulster Scots were the focal points. In fact, Ulter Scots and 'big jessies' seemed to inflame everyone...
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Germaine Greer is no stranger to controversy. In this week's Riddoch Questions, Ms Greer lays into 'ladettes', shares gloomy thoughts about feminism and explains her infamous 'Diana' quote. Well, what would you expect when two feisty women engage ?
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