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John Crawford thinks wheelie bins should be emptied biweekly. Ross from Bearsden disagrees. This week's Riddoch Questions has everyone talking rubbish.
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The Riddoch Questions crew jumped straight into rubbish and meandered around various body decorations whilst touching all things waste related. Newcomers Pat from Adam Smith and David from Dundee Uni make their debut in this last Aftermath before Christmas.
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A week is a long time in politics and Martin Ford the Aberdeen councillor saw his fortunes change. A golf course, an American billionaire and some very heated debate feature in this week's Riddoch Questions. The producer was heard afterwards to say " Now, that was phone in."High praise indde and you will find out as you listen to Lesley and her guests.
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Martin Ford -- the Aberdeenshire councillor whose veto blocked the Trump Golf proposal till the Scottish government called in the plans last week and Martin was removed as head of the council’s Infrastructure Committee. Did I give him too hard a time? A not inconsiderable flurry of emailers thought I did……including one angry caller Oltelia.

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Irvine Welsh, the author of 'Trainspotting' was pretty forthright about drink; it is a human right to get intoxicated. The phone lines lit up and the debate was heated as Lesley Riddoch steered everyone around the subject of the demon drink.
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There is a health warning; Lesley and the team get it wrong. In a Riddoch Questions that deals with drink; there was an embarrassing black out where a technical hitch meant the studio output disappeared into the ether. The posse, in this podcast, wrongly assume that the studio recording will be complete...it isn't and the sharp eared will hear the edit that disguises this dead air in next week's iTunes podcast. However, Sean does explain Calvin and Lesley reveals a different and unexpected side of the author of 'Trainspotting'.
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Murdo Fraser came into the studio to explain why it wasn't fair for Scottish MPs to vote on English matters. The 'West Lothian question' got examined in detail in a discussion that saw everyone with a strong opinion including listeners.
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On St Andrew's Day, Murdo Fraser was the guest. Some Napier University students including Priscilla from China were there to observe. What did they make it ? The subjects for discussion included...discussion versus argument...can the English sing and a Derek Dougan revelation.
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