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James Ferguson came into the studio to take on the big issue of remote medicine. All of the emotive topics around broadband, A+E closures and health related concerns were raised in a lively Riddoch Questions
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Cycling bells .... the Cycling Aftermath The crew sit down to discuss bells, folding bikes and the impossibility of cycle paths in Glasgow. Naturally enough, parkies get a mention as do baristas as Sean, David, Lesley and Richard lock this Aftermath to a secure railing outside the studio.
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Telehealth was the topic but, actually a studio full of parents meant everyone had a story to tell about the NHS and their child's health care. Be aware. There are adult themes and grown up medical terms are used.
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Jim Mather, the Enterprise czar explained mind mapping, broadband speeds and his strategy for taking Scotland forward. Lesley gets stuck in and the subsequent discussion reveals some of the underlying challenges facing the Enterprise minister.
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Richard, Sean and Lesley relax in the studio after the Riddoch Questions of January 11th. The mood is irreverent and light hearted; some might say ill informed as they range across; unions, Christmas hits and surprisingly enough - lurex.
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