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The Lib Dems' Aftermath The eve of the Scottish Lib Dems' conference in Aviemore and what better time to talk about Harris Tweed and Liberal backgrounds. Scott, Pat, Lesley and Sean make startling revelations. There are approximately 120,000 podcasts available according to Steve Jobs and this is the only place you will find the word 'Janus' defined. Another first for Feisty.
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Iain Mcwhirter, standing in for Lesley, meets Alec Spencer an ex prison governor  and the subject is prisons. The news lately, has not been good for the Prison Service with a series of high profile abscondees. Many are questioning the purpose of prison.
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Iain Macwhirter stood in for Lesley and hosted an interesting Riddoch Questions. Rather than the expected 'hang'em and flog'em' brigade; there seems to have been a more considered audience and this is reflected in this thoughtful Aftermath. As the subject is prisons, there are mature themes...be warned.
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The ex models who are Cava Coila and Karen are Cava, a face to face promotions business that comes face to face with Lesley Campbell. Lesley is a world wise global risk manager and business guru. What the New Hands need is some advice from someone who has been there and they get it from Anna St Clair, founder of the Ceramic Experience.
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15 Feb 2008 The Green Tolls Stewart Stevenson and Alison Johnstone locked horns over the tolls and traffic congestion. Lesley had to jump in from time to time as a lively debate ensued.
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The Tolls Aftermath The week after the tolls came off, Lesley saw a film about peak oil and Richard pondered free sugar at Starbucks; the stage was set for a 'robust' aftermath. The Transport Minister, Stewart Stevenson is mentioned in dispatches and seems to have some fans in the studio. The Greens do less well as Pat observes. But make your own mind up as the Riddoch Questions crew sit down and debrief tolls.
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Feb 8 2008 Howard Stapleton and the Ultrasonic Teen Terror Howard Stapleton joins Lesley to explain his novel way of handling teenagers; ultrasonically. Within days of the topic appearing on Riddoch Questions, the English Children's Commissioner is calling for a ban on the audio device that targets children. Co-incidence; may be but the discussion gets heated as the generations have their say.
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Lesley's gone to Riga Aftermath After the Teen Repellent, Sean, Jules, and Richard have the studio to themselves. Lesley has bolted off to Riga leaving the crew to discuss the niceness of neds, house prices and body piercings. There is a reference to drugs which is intended as a joke.
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February 1 2008 - Clinton vs Obama In a packed and heated Riddoch Questions, Lesley tried to get to the bottom of the Democratic party's dilemma  about  Hilary Clinton with a number of American guests; campaigners Karin Robinson and Margot Miller, political editor Justin Shrager with Canadian author and Washington based journalist Suzanne Goldenberg adding to a crowded but fascinating programme.
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American Election Aftermath There was a fairly coded Riddoch Questions that prompted Richard to muse about the nature of Americans, Lesley to discuss 'Branded' and Sean to reflect on East vs West side hip-hop. Oh, and mosquitoes for teenagers make an appearance.
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January 25 2008 - Cycling After the tragic death of Jason McIntyre, the Scottish Champion Cyclist, it was an appropriate time to discuss cyclists and motorists. With Anthony Robson, cyclist,  in one corner and Baroness Sharples aka 'Baroness Basher' in the other, the stage was set for a great Riddoch Questions.
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