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The team had to handle red hot phone lines with lots of people wanting to express their support for dual language road signs. In an Aftermath that detours through language, Latin and 'false friends'; Lesley will make a startling revelation...who is the funniest person on radio....
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With the Food Standards Agency questioning 'the organic label' as the only natural choice, Mike Small of Fife Diet fame had a lot of explaining in this Riddoch Questions. Iain Mcwhirter was in the chair as farmers, conventional or otherwise, got wellied in.
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Riddoch Questions on 18 April was a serious treat for foodies everywhere. Iain, Jules and Pat sat down in the pod to reflect on the guilt of food.
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George Monbiot and Nicola Sturgeon lock horns in a debate that had the telephone switchboard glowing red hot with callers. Would it make sense for GP surgeries to be open in the evenings or at weekends ? Everyone had an opinion and lots were expressed in this heated Riddoch Questions.
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Tom Brown asked for the Labour Party to come back. This week's Riddoch Questions started by examining the state of the Labour Party in Scotland.
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Riddoch Questions examines the continuing fascination with Scotland and Tartan as the annual Tartan Week gets under way in the New York.
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The programme was about GPs and the conversation got very heated. What did the Riddoch Questions crew make of this ? Listen and find out.
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As the strains of 'It's my party" fade away, the crew sit down to discuss Tartan week related issues; clans, the Irish, prisons and presenters.
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Linda Fabiani...extra Due to technical difficulties, it was not possible to get the Minister for Europe, External Affairs and Culture, Linda Fabiani on today's Riddoch Questions programme about 'Tartan Week'. However, Lesley was able to catch up with Ms Fabiani and put some of the questions and issues raised in the programme.
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