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Lesley is joined by Alison, Gregor, Alex and Sean who rattle through what happened on Riddoch Questions. Alison is visiting with young students from Blairgowrie High School and makes a shocking observation. Oh and Sean storms out.
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The day after the Crewe and Nantwich by election, the studio is packed with Labour MSP Malcolm Chisholm, Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser, agony aunt/journalist Joan Burnie and journalist/banker Alex Hastie. The result, the economy and  fags all make appearances as the panel sift through the news stories of the week.
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George Foulkes, Alex Neil, Jim Spence and Philip Campbell join Lesley in the studio in a new format Riddoch Questions. The panel examine the news in a week where Rangers fans trash Manchester, Burma gets worse and the Prime Minister can't get a break.
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In this week's Riddoch Questions, Duncan Simpson and MSP Mike Pringle are at opposite ends of the 'Plas Tax' debate. Should plastic bags be banned ? It was a fairly emotive debate where compromise seemed impossible.
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After a frenetic Riddoch Questions with political heavy weights, there is a much more diverting conversation about  codec ( the importance of )  and accents  ( the  importance of ) .  The team, Pat, Alex, Sean and Lesley mull over what the new format programme is  like. As ever,  there are opinions and humour in equal  measure.
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Cllr Willie Young of Labour and Neil Fletcher of the Lib Dems on Aberdeen City Council are divided over the current budget deficit which threatens services in the city. In a packed Riddoch Questions, there are plenty of callers and some  'spirited' questioning as to how  it got so bad.
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Martin joins Lesley, Scott and Jules in the pod for a rummage around plastic bags. After a Riddoch Questions that visited some of the 'Plas Tax' issues, this Aftermath was a more scathing discussion about bags, junk and " what are we like ?".
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The Riddoch Questions struggle with recounting the detail of the Aberdeen programme. Jules gets a critique for her first production outing and there is an explanation for Germaine Greer when you least expect it.
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The subject of dual language provoked a huge storm when it was proposed in Caithness.This week's Riddoch Questions reflected the debate with heated discussion and everyone had a 'square go'.
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