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In this investigation for Radio Scotland, Lesley looks at the role of Historic Scotland in preserving or conserving the 47 thousand listed buildings in Scotland. This portion of the broadcast lays out a series of 'challenging' stories; starting with two sisters and their windows.
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The big topic for the Riddoch Question panelists was the Labour Leadership; norht and south. There were differing views as to whether Gordon Brown should remain in his present situation. Equally, the runners and riders in the Scottish Labour Leadership race were appraised.
Riddoch Questions and the team are taking a short break and will be back live on September 12th and here in cyberspace, a week later.
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The Riddoch Questions crew were allowed to bring in videos and games for this Aftermath before the summer break. So the discussion turned, naturally,  to those leaving, holiday plans and child birth.
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These three journalists join Lesley in this week's Riddoch Questions and dissect the Glasgow East bye election result.
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