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This week it's cabinet meetings, G20 and MPs' expenses as the team grapple in this episode of Riddoch Questions.
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After a short break for Easter, the Riddoch Questions crew are back in the Aftermath business. Lesley worries about the recession, Sean plays some interesting art from Croatia and Jules plugs next week's outside broadcast which sounds like a great event with millionaires and Dragons' Den and stuff.
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Joining Lesley for Riddoch Questions this week are Dr Richard Simpson, Labour MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife, Aileen Campbell, SNP MSP for the South of Scotland and Joyce McMillan, columnist for the Scotsman.
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This special edition of Riddoch Questions was recorded before a live audience at Peebles High School. Scotland’s Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop and her opposite number, Labour’s Rhona Brankin were in attendance, along with Ken Cunningham, general secretary of School Leaders Scotland and Judith Gillespie from the Scottish Parent Teacher Council.
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Agnes is not your typical entrepreneur.  She's 84 and suffers from tendonitis.  When she couldn't find a trolley to help her with household tasks, she decided to invent one herself.  She's spent a small fortune on it but is still nowhere near getting it to market.  Lesley gets on the case and finds out why Agnes has been led a merry dance by so-called advisers and Old Hand patent expert Gilbert Perry, puts Agnes on the right path
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Joining Lesley on Riddoch Questions this week are actress and comedy entertainer Elaine C Smith, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University Pamela Gillies and the Daily Telegraph’s Scottish Editor Alan Cochrane.
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After the Education Debate in Peebles, the crew kept the tapes running and recorded an Aftermath. More educations, more voices and more young students. Enjoy !
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