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Northern Horizons is an informal campaign group which aims to rejuvenate Scotland by examining the more rational, balanced and equal thinking and practice that’s contributed to the success of our Nordic neighbours. Our first “sell-out” event at the Scottish parliament on March 16th was a great success. Here NH co-founder, journalist and broadcaster, Lesley Riddoch discusses kindergarten, human capital, active citizens and truly local councils with two of the meetings feistiest contributors Dr Ingela Naumann and Eberhard (Paddy) Bort.


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Lesley is joined by George Kerevan in the pod to discuss the budget. At the time of the recording, the Budget had just been delivered and the discussion centers on the political implications rather than the price of cider. 

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Lesley is joined by two new voices in the pod; Lee Randall and Kenny Farquharson. Topics include; the Pope, trams, marine energy and drug du jour, mephedrone. How do they manage to connect these up ? You will have to listen to find out.

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In this week's podcast; Tiffany Jenkins and Peter MacMahon join Lesley to to dissect subjects as diverse as; immigration, banks harassment, exports, voting and the Commonwealth Games logo.

Here at Feisty, we trust you are enjoying this series of podcasts and any feedback would be appreciated.

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In this week's podcast, recorded on 3 March 2010, Joyce McMillan, Bill Jamieson and George Kerevan join Lesley in the pod. Topics for consideration are canvassing, the latest polls and resignations and the usual revelations aplenty.

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