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Eric Milligan and Peter Jones join Lesley in the Scotsman pod. Eric is a former Provost of Edinburgh and a self confessed Labour man. This makes for an interesting half hour as they all pull apart 'the Clegg Bounce' and 'the Brown Effect'. Everyone in this podcast is known for their straight talking and you will be left in doubt as to the state of the nation after this one.

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Andy Myles joins Scotsman Podcast regulars; Joyce McMillan, Peter MacMahon and Lesley Riddoch. To say, it's a robust display of fireworks is an understatement. Andy Myles is the former Chief Executive of Scottish LibDems and has some issues about the current "Nick Clegg" bounce and the media treatment.

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On the day after the Tories launched their election manifesto, Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser joined George Kerevan and Lesley in the pod. They started by looking at co-operatives, the emasculation of local government and the Scottish General Election. Detouring via the Leaders' Debate, they managed to pull apart the current campaign without a reference to Gene Hunt. Remarkable.

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This week in the pod, Kenny Farquharson and Joyce McMillan join Lesley Riddoch talk through how the election announcement was actually handled, what Coalition Government really means and the role of SamCam. As ever, strong opinions are expressed and if you listen carefully Lesley makes an appeal at the end that you could help with.

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This is the recording, in its entirety, of the Caithness Debate or the Gaelic Debate. It is a continuation of the first part, without interruption, and plunges back into the discussion.

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This is the recording, in its entirety, of the first half of the Caithness Debate or the Gaelic debate. This was a public meeting held at Mackay's Hotel in Wick in March 2010.

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This week, Peter MacMahon, Joyce McMillan and Tiffany Jenkins join Lesley Riddoch in the pod. It all starts with 3 billion pounds cut from the Scottish Government, goes on to Tony Blair signing off, Tommy Sheridan stepping up and Alex Salmond standing down. As ever, good craic, some unusual opinions and more from Scotsman columnists.

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