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A brief look back at 2012...topics include the economy, independence, the Olympics and some thoughts about the coming year.

It is not a best of, or a review of , just a meander with Lesley. 

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This week's podcast was recorded after the terrible shootings in Connecticut. Lesley reflects on the wide ranging debate that now must take place in America. It is also clear that the Scotland in the EU debate rumbles on and we learn some interesting things about the man in the thick of it. And finally, Alasdair Gray seems to have stirred up things with his comments about the English.

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This week, we try and sum up the National Landscape Policy Conference, an exciting new coop in Owenstown, what Leveson means for Scotland and reflect on the 'Top Scot' by popular acclaim ( It's not a cyclist or a comedian.). Busy, busy , busy.

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This week's podcast is recorded after Lesley spent Saturday in a hotel with 800 people at the Radical Independence Conference. She also muses about Kenny MacAskill's thoughts about local authorities and finally we touch on banking.

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The missing commas give the clue. This week Lesley is back from a flying visit to Copenhagen where she was looking at bikes, finding out about food and asking about Sarah Lund. This week's podcast will give some answers.

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This week's Lesley Riddoch Podcast has a single subject; just the BBC. With scandals, ‘stepping asides’ and the resignation of the DG; there is a lot to talk about.

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To recycle or incinerate; these were some of the choices outlined in the recent Nordic Horizons meeting with Kim Olsson of NSR from Helsingborg Sweden. Lesley reflects on the key points and potential lessons for the Scots. Equally, she has some sage advice for the women of the opposition after some FMQ clashes.

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Not the usual podcast this week, Lesley talks frankly about three people; the late Michael Marra, Jean Urquhart and Kathleen from Dundee. Three different tales which have emotional resonances. This is probably the most personal podcast, we have done.

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In this week's podcast, Lesley relates her reflections about some of the proceedings at the SNP Conference in Perth last week.

The big topic was the paasionate debate around Nato and Lesley was there in the hall. 

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Between BBC Radio 5Live and Al Jazeera TV this week, Lesley has been a busy journalist. She also wrote about Devo ( Max or Plus )  and offers some thoughts of the historic 'Edinburgh Agreement' before a theatrical review of 'Guid Sisters'.

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