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After a blustery weekend in Skye and a Burns Supper to boot, this week's podcast reflects on the latest UK moves on Trident and Burns and those suppers. It is also impossible not to mention the Celtic Connections concert " All will be well - A celebration of Michael Marra". As you will hear, if you listen closely, Lesley was affected by the whole experience.

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Between meetings that never took place in the snow and a night talking Dundee regeneration, there is a lot going on in the Lesley Riddoch podcast this week. Add another referendum and it's suddenly - it's action packed.

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A bit late this week and a bit shorter than usual. Lesley is just back from Reykjavik and didn't find exactly what she had expected.

But a concert hall and a film caught her eye.

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Well actually, it is Borgen, teenage mothers and a brief discussion of 'economics' at the local level. After a Christmas and Hogmanay break, Lesley is back bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on all comers.

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