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This week’s podcast is full of discussions about inappropriate behaviour, unanswered questions and AAA ratings or should we concentrate on the Commonwealth? Behaviour in the Roman Catholic Church and theLib Dems has been put under the microscope and there seem to be a number of questions hanging in the air…not all posed nor answered. But this @lesleyriddoch podcast will have a go! 

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Between the constitutional debates being largely male,  graduates being ‘too posh to stack’ and councils being cheap; this week’s Lesley Riddoch podcast is on the look out for heroes. We think we may have found them. Step forward, Cait Reilly, Stephen Jardine and Mike Small.

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In this week's podcast, we try to unpick all the challenges which surround EVs, that's electric cars to you and me. We also mention the Pope in passing. In the continuing long running independence debate, there have been developments which centre around what happens after the referendum. Finally, last weekend, Lesley chaired a discussion at Falkland with the folks from the Centre for Stewardship and there were unlikely revelations.

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Sidse Babett Knudsen, Mike Dailly, Pamela Duncan, David Laws and Chris Huhne are all in the 'names to be used this week' folder. With the final episodes of the second series of Borgen being shown at the Filmhouse Edinburgh, it was time to sign off this remarkable political drama, for now. And with that, Lesley dives straight into unpicking the impending 'Bedroom Tax' and what does the latest Lib Dem resignation mean?

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