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In this week's podcast Lesley talks about her encounter with Huw Edwards on the TV. She also recounts the Electoral Reform Society meeting and its aftermath. She also mentions Affa Sair, and  a forthcoming ball in Fife. Oh, and Obama too.


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Lesley is just back from filming outside the Old Firm and describes her reaction. We also touch on the ability of Brexit suits to bore Scots. The story of Paul and his  three year sanction is sure to touch everyone. And finally, we talk Wick and the importance of tights.

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This week we talk about the  Panama Papers and discover an interesting segue in land reform. How's the progress of LGBT doing in Scotland? And we have to mention schools and also a tangetial meander around bridges; old and new.

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After a brief hiatus, we are back in the pod. The Scottish General Election campaign has started and we are all underwhelmed...slightly.

Is the debates, the formats or the politicians ?

We have some thoughts...also the National Living Wage - the untold story.

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