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Lesley was in Catalonia last week for the Books and Roses Festival.

What she found there was so important that we thought we'd create a wee Aftermath special. So, here it is.

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The Clearances are a subject for discussion when Scots gather. When Michael Fry, Andy Myles and Lesley Riddoch met to discuss the week's current affairs; the Clearances came up but didn't get an airing. This subsequent recording is of the discussion that happened after the red light went off in the studio.

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After a short break for Easter, the Riddoch Questions crew are back in the Aftermath business. Lesley worries about the recession, Sean plays some interesting art from Croatia and Jules plugs next week's outside broadcast which sounds like a great event with millionaires and Dragons' Den and stuff.
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After the Education Debate in Peebles, the crew kept the tapes running and recorded an Aftermath. More educations, more voices and more young students. Enjoy !
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Lesley explains Twitter to Sean, Sean explains Google and the rest of the crew Gill, Blake and Roger plead for creative writing. Myself, I have a small cameo walk on role at the emnd of this week's Aftermath.
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The team sit down, scratch their chins and talk about missing flights, broadband and the first place in Europe to have street lights. There is a scary start to this Aftermath...be warned.
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Riddoch Questions was on the road at Giffnock Synagogue. The panel stayed on for an additional set of questions and comments from the audience. Here's the result...
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Roger, David, Kim, Sean and Lesley reflect on a programme without Labour but manage to consider the role of barter and poverty in the world. Be warned; there are a number of heavy metal references.
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After a packed Riddoch Questions, Bevan, David, Laura, Sean and Lesley talk around the bank crisis, youth protest and newspapers. There is a clear divide between young and old in this Aftermath....
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After a packed programme and on the eve of a birthday, the Riddoch Questions crew slipped into the Rotunda to eat birthday cake and sing. Everyone has something to say and you can listen in for the usual irreverent banter about the issues raised in the day's Riddoch Questions.
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In this week's Aftermath, Billy Kay, Susan Morrison and the Glenrothes posse pull their seats up close to the microphone and talk about Scots the language. As ever, the Riddoch Questions crew goes all over the place and reaches no conclusions.
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This Aftermath features a vox pop that didn't make the Riddoch Questions programme with Jim Murphy. And a bit more.
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In the cosy confines of Adam Smith College, the Riddoch Questions crew are made welcome to their new home by Fifers. New voices, old friends,  and how Bradford and Paris are the same; all feature in this Aftermath.
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Immediately after the recording of the Riddoch Questions Environment Debate at Pitlochry, everyone on the panel relaxed. Lesley gave them all 5 minutes to relax and ...this is the resulting Aftermath.
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Will Hutton, what have you done ? By the time, Lesley and the crew got together for the last time in Abertay; everyone was buzzing about the economic debate following the day's Riddoch Questions. So, why not a conspiracy theory ?
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There’s a big SORRY from the Riddoch Questions team this week after a variety of technical difficulties prevented us from getting on air for 25 minutes. Which meant Lesley’s interview with Finance Secretary John Swinney and the subsequent analysis of his budget had to be somewhat curtailed. Many thanks and abject apologies to all – guests and listeners - who bore with us until the problems were sorted. And sorry to those who emailed and texted in with their comments, as problems prevail with our email system, and the ones which were received we were unable to read out.
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The crew meet after a Riddoch Questions much influenced by a German theme. So naturally enough, the posse meander from drug counselling to Christmas shopping with detours via Germany and the high street.
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After a packed Riddoch Questions which concentrated on the Councils; the crew waxed lyrical about the good things their local councils did. And the conversation turned to pantos. Oh yes, it did. And will next week's Riddoch Questions reflect this? Listen and find out. Also you might not want to play this Aftermath in the car on the school run; some terms used are of an adult venacular nature.
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Laura guides the crew through the Philanthropy Outside Broadcast touching on Dame Steve, Bono and tazers.
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Lesley and crew reflect on a bruising Riddoch Questions around Iceland and their banks. You can expects jokes, insights and the Information Diet explained.
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After the elections in both America and Glenrothes, the crew picked over the amount the press got it wrong. Donald Trump still sparked a good discussion over golf courses, economic troubles and sustainability. Pretty good, considering none of the team play golf
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Lesley and the gang are back 'in studio' after a few weeks doing 'outside broadcasts'. To the evident relief of everyone, the discussion turns to the programme, chocolate cookies and other important matters. All this in a week when the Beeb finds itself in hot water with two of its more independent presenter/comedians; Brand and Ross. What does young Sean think ? You'll have to listen to this week's Aftermath to find out.
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The Riddoch Questions of 3 October talked briefly about the proposed ban on under 21s buying drink. Needless to say, the young crew of Laura, Sean and Julianne took the opportunity, in Lesley's absence, to give this whole issue a good talking about.
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After a fairly spiky Riddoch Questions, the crew discuss politicians having a go at each other, car lights and Lesley makes a plea to anyone holding a 'Question Time' type event. We can come and record you and you get Lesley Riddoch.
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For the first Riddoch Questions, the talk starts with tans and meanders through prisoner builders, ID cards, the Tory bounce and cycling into the hood. Welcome back crew, we missed you.
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The Riddoch Questions crew were allowed to bring in videos and games for this Aftermath before the summer break. So the discussion turned, naturally,  to those leaving, holiday plans and child birth.
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Scott is mum for the day as Julianne and Sean discuss elections, hot signals and the role of doughnuts in broadcasting.
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In this week's Aftermath Sean has been watching TV again and brings up an old 9/11 story. There is a spooky intervention that allows Jules, Scott and Lesley to get back to multiple jobs for our leaders and the other staple fare of Riddoch Questions.
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Sean talks trains, Richard loves the colour of mints, Greg explains what he will be doing on Fridays and Lesley reveals her holiday plans. It's the Murray Mint Aftermath.
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It's starting to be a regular feature here; but this week's Aftermath is a bit of a departure. Riddoch Questions on June 27 was the broadcast of an island debate recorded earlier that week in Benbecula. After the 'BBC' programme was recorded, the microphone stayed on as the audience and panel relaxed to continue the "not for broadcast" discussion. The topics were education, gaelic and depopulation.
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The Iceland Aftermath This is a departure from the usual format of 'Riddoch Questions Aftermath" Over at Riddoch Questions, Pennie Taylor stood in for Lesley as Ms Riddoch tramped around Iceland. However, Lesley took her trusty recorder and in this podcast; Elfa Hlin Petursdottir, Sharon Webb, of Kilmartin Museum in Argyll, Mia Scott of the Highland Buildings and Preservation Trust and Annie MacSween of Lews Castle College in Stornoway all join in a round table discussion. The theme is tourists and the wild.
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David, Sean, Scottie and Lesley sit down and discuss whether Riddoch Questions is too tough on participants. The regional wrangle about the BBC and the 'Holyrood versus Westminster' relevance discussion get a good airing.
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Oil Funds, Paddy Power, codec, Ian, Jules Sean and Richard are all here. Lesley wasn't and does she listen to the Aftermath anyway ?

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Lesley is joined by Alison, Gregor, Alex and Sean who rattle through what happened on Riddoch Questions. Alison is visiting with young students from Blairgowrie High School and makes a shocking observation. Oh and Sean storms out.
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After a frenetic Riddoch Questions with political heavy weights, there is a much more diverting conversation about  codec ( the importance of )  and accents  ( the  importance of ) .  The team, Pat, Alex, Sean and Lesley mull over what the new format programme is  like. As ever,  there are opinions and humour in equal  measure.
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Martin joins Lesley, Scott and Jules in the pod for a rummage around plastic bags. After a Riddoch Questions that visited some of the 'Plas Tax' issues, this Aftermath was a more scathing discussion about bags, junk and " what are we like ?".
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The Riddoch Questions struggle with recounting the detail of the Aberdeen programme. Jules gets a critique for her first production outing and there is an explanation for Germaine Greer when you least expect it.
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The team had to handle red hot phone lines with lots of people wanting to express their support for dual language road signs. In an Aftermath that detours through language, Latin and 'false friends'; Lesley will make a startling revelation...who is the funniest person on radio....
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Riddoch Questions on 18 April was a serious treat for foodies everywhere. Iain, Jules and Pat sat down in the pod to reflect on the guilt of food.
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The programme was about GPs and the conversation got very heated. What did the Riddoch Questions crew make of this ? Listen and find out.
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As the strains of 'It's my party" fade away, the crew sit down to discuss Tartan week related issues; clans, the Irish, prisons and presenters.
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The Labour Party conference in Aviemore was the starting point for this week's Aftermath. Truth, answering questions and a disappointing lap dance all figure in the minds of the Riddoch Questions crew.
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The week after discussing the demise of the boozer, it's the turn of the Post Office. The Riddoch Questions posse manage to talk about nearly everything except queues, stamps or postal orders. Which is a blessing for us all because, it leaves more time for kicking politicians, 'capers' and more gossip. As ever, Richard is inclined to use adult terms in descriptions and hence the cherished 'Clean' designation can not be used this week. Caution is urged if you are playing this in the 4x4 on the school run.
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The discussion on Riddoch Questions was all about the death of the Scottish pub. So the crew took this as the springboard for a discourse about dates, coffee shops and strange tea places.
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Fair Trade Aftermath The Fair Trade Riddoch Questions flew along. Scott, Jules, Sean and Lesley reveal the secret of speed in a radio programme and there are the usual revelations about train fares, hot dates and ID cards.
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The Lib Dems' Aftermath The eve of the Scottish Lib Dems' conference in Aviemore and what better time to talk about Harris Tweed and Liberal backgrounds. Scott, Pat, Lesley and Sean make startling revelations. There are approximately 120,000 podcasts available according to Steve Jobs and this is the only place you will find the word 'Janus' defined. Another first for Feisty.
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Iain Macwhirter stood in for Lesley and hosted an interesting Riddoch Questions. Rather than the expected 'hang'em and flog'em' brigade; there seems to have been a more considered audience and this is reflected in this thoughtful Aftermath. As the subject is prisons, there are mature themes...be warned.
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The Tolls Aftermath The week after the tolls came off, Lesley saw a film about peak oil and Richard pondered free sugar at Starbucks; the stage was set for a 'robust' aftermath. The Transport Minister, Stewart Stevenson is mentioned in dispatches and seems to have some fans in the studio. The Greens do less well as Pat observes. But make your own mind up as the Riddoch Questions crew sit down and debrief tolls.
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Lesley's gone to Riga Aftermath After the Teen Repellent, Sean, Jules, and Richard have the studio to themselves. Lesley has bolted off to Riga leaving the crew to discuss the niceness of neds, house prices and body piercings. There is a reference to drugs which is intended as a joke.
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American Election Aftermath There was a fairly coded Riddoch Questions that prompted Richard to muse about the nature of Americans, Lesley to discuss 'Branded' and Sean to reflect on East vs West side hip-hop. Oh, and mosquitoes for teenagers make an appearance.
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Cycling bells .... the Cycling Aftermath The crew sit down to discuss bells, folding bikes and the impossibility of cycle paths in Glasgow. Naturally enough, parkies get a mention as do baristas as Sean, David, Lesley and Richard lock this Aftermath to a secure railing outside the studio.
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