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This is the recording, in its entirety, of the Caithness Debate or the Gaelic Debate. It is a continuation of the first part, without interruption, and plunges back into the discussion.

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This is the recording, in its entirety, of the first half of the Caithness Debate or the Gaelic debate. This was a public meeting held at Mackay's Hotel in Wick in March 2010.

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Lesley took herself off to Sweden to write a book and think.However, we did tempt her to come up to the microphone via Skype to record some thoughts about Steig Larsson, Corton Vale, equality and some other issues. Keep coming back there will be more.

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With a stellar cast of Stewart Stevenson Climate Minister, Patrick Harvie, Howard Liddell and George Monbiot, the final Riddoch Questions dealt with climate change. Finally, thanks to everyone who listened and got in touch...all 100 programmes will remain on iTunes for the foreseeable future.
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Lesley’s guests on Riddoch Questions this week were: Charles McGhee, former editor of The Herald; Brian McNair, Professor of Journalism & Communication at the University of Strathclyde, and Pete Wishart, MP and the SNP’s culture and media spokesperson. They discussed the result of the Norwich North by-election – how much does the press shape public opinion on Labour?; swine flu – is unnecessary panic being whipped up by the media?; job cuts – there’s concern about a lack of journalists at Westminster reporting for Scottish newspapers; and the future for Scottish media in the age of Google and Twitter.
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Lesley’s back in the hot seat for this week’s Riddoch Questions. She was joined by Stewart Hosie, Dundee East MP; David Pratt, foreign editor for the Sunday Herald and Rev David Robertson from St Peter’s Free Church in Dundee. The stories making the headlines this week, included: Afghanistan and a report from MPs which claims a lack of helicopters is costing soldiers’ lives; controversial Sunday ferry sailings in the Western Isles – the first boat is due to sail this weekend; Blair for President of Europe? And the return of the wrinkly rockers – Bruce Springsteen versus Chrissie Hynde.
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David McLetchie, Henry McLeish and Mike Daly get together with Derek Bateman to discuss bugging, privacy and mobile phone directories, Climate change targets and Afghanistan. Lesley is away this week and will be back the following week.
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In a week where Swine Flu, 10 years of Devolution and Andy Murray dominate the news agenda; Stirling MP Anne McGuire, security expert Clive Fairweather and Hilary Wainwright, editor of Red Pepper join Lesley to work out what is really going on.
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This week saw comings and goings....new Green Targets, a new speaker, more expenses with the BBC involved in a row...Alan Cochrane of the Daily Telegraph, Patrick Harvie Green Party MSP and Neil Baxter of the Royal Incorporation of Architects joined Lesley to dissect it all in Riddoch Questions.
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Lesley’s guests on Riddoch Questions this week are: Councillor Ewan Aitken, former leader of Edinburgh city council; Mark Perryman, editor of the book ‘Breaking up Britain: Four Nations after a Union’; and Christine Grahame MSP. They discussed the stories making the headlines this week, including the Calman Commission, the Digital Britain report, the de-selection of Labour MP Jim Devine and the SNP’s long-awaiting school building programme. Mike Russell, the Scottish Government's Culture Minister joins in to give a view of Calman.
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Lesley’s guests on Riddoch Questions this week are: newly re-elected SNP MEP Alyn Smith; author, journalist and Tartan Army member Ian Black; and Tory MSP for North East Scotland Alex Johnstone. European elections, parliamentary reform and swine flu are amongst the subjects the panel mull over.
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When former Labour Provost Michael Kelly, former Chairman of the Scottish Labour Party Bob Thomson and Independent journalist Bruce Anderson met Lesley on 5June 2009; there was only one subject hogging the headlines. The state of the Labour government with all its resignations, reshuffles and talk of voter rebellion. Recorded after the local English election results were known, but before the European election results were in; this is a fascinating Riddoch Questions. 
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MPs' expenses and the current problems within the Church of Scotland over a gay priest are centre stage. It's a very lively programmes as the Tory blogger, the distinguished academic and environmental leader ( and Lib Dem ) all getting stuck in. Vintage Riddoch.
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In this special Riddoch Questions recorded in front of an audience at Hillhead Library on 28 May 2009, Lesley chaired an old fashioned hustings meeting. The sponsors, Amnesty International and the Federation of Small Businesses put together a panel of all the main political parties seeking election in the forthcoming European elections. A packed audience posed all the questions and the result is recorded here in a slightly longer than usual format.
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Recorded in front of a live audience at a conference organised by the Hansard Society of Scotland, the panel includes Bruce Crawford, MSP and Minister for Parliamentary Business; Iain Gray, MSP and Scottish Labour leader; Sir Tam Dalyell, former Labour MP and ‘Father of the House’ and Joyce McMillan, columnist and chair of the Hansard Society Scotland Working Group.
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Derek Bateman stood in for Lesley and guess what ? MPs' expenses was the hot topic.
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Joining Lesley on this week’s panel: from Iceland, Halla Tomasdottir, chairman of Audur Capital and the banker through whom Bjork is channelling funds to the Icelandic government. From Ireland, Paul Sweeney, economic advisor for the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and author of the book “Ireland’s Economic Success”; and the Scotsman’s business editor Peter Macmahon
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 Eric Joyce, Labour MP for Falkirk, Jo Swinson, Lib Dem MP for East Dunbartonshire and Mary Scanlon, Highlands and Islands MSP and the Scottish Conservatives’ spokesperson on health join Lesley to talk about gurkhas, equal pay and MPs' expenses.
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Recorded in front of a live audience of social entrepreneurs at the S2S Trade Fair at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh, the panel includes Laurie Russell, Chair of the Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition; Andy Kerr, Shadow Finance Minister and Labour spokesman on sustainable growth; Fraser Doherty, creator and owner of SuperJam at the tender age of 14 and now at 20 a top entrepreneur.
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This week it's cabinet meetings, G20 and MPs' expenses as the team grapple in this episode of Riddoch Questions.
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Joining Lesley for Riddoch Questions this week are Dr Richard Simpson, Labour MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife, Aileen Campbell, SNP MSP for the South of Scotland and Joyce McMillan, columnist for the Scotsman.
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This special edition of Riddoch Questions was recorded before a live audience at Peebles High School. Scotland’s Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop and her opposite number, Labour’s Rhona Brankin were in attendance, along with Ken Cunningham, general secretary of School Leaders Scotland and Judith Gillespie from the Scottish Parent Teacher Council.
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Joining Lesley on Riddoch Questions this week are actress and comedy entertainer Elaine C Smith, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University Pamela Gillies and the Daily Telegraph’s Scottish Editor Alan Cochrane.
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Broadcaster and journalist Malachi O'Doherty, Green MSP Patrick Harvie and former Labour MSP Allan Wilson discussed nuclear power, Northern Ireland, University funding, unemployment and airports - how to improve them.
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Recorded at Giffnock Synagogue, this Riddoch Questions dealt with issues of Gaza, Israel, faith schools and other related topics. The panel was;


Ephraim Borowski  - Director of the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities. Vice-Convener of BEMIS.

Ian Galloway – Church of Scotland minister of Gorbals in Glasgow. Convener of the Church and Society Council.

Magdalen Lambkin – Roman Catholic PhD Candidate in Inter-faith studies. Member of Scottish Inter-faith Council.

Ruzwan Mohammed – Sunni Imam Educational and Curriculum advisor to Muslim organisations in Scotland.

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Independence, Brown and Obama first get-together, minimum pricing for drink and who'll pay to see Jacko are the topics for this week's Riddoch Questions.
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This week's Riddoch Questions danced around the pension arrangements of Sir Fred Goodwin, Edinburgh trams and why councils work the way they do.
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The 13 year old father, fast food advice and Iain Hamilton all pop up in this edition of Riddoch Questions. The head of the Scottish TUC , a satirist and a comedian all join a lively discussion.
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The subjects of this week's Riddoch Questions were the continuing discontent with bankers, council tax and the Scots language.
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Recorded at Adam Smith College, this was a classic Riddoch Questions where everyone got stuck into the Budget and a good debate was had by all.
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This week’s Riddoch Questions was recorded before an audience at Pitlochry Festival Theatre with Environment Minister Mike Russell and his opposite number, Labour’s Sarah Boyack together with representatives of the Scottish Wildlife Trust,Community Woodlands Association and Confederation of Forest Industries.
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Lesley’s guests on Riddoch Questions this week are the former Observer editor and author of ‘The State We’re In’ - writer and commentator Will Hutton, right-wing political columnist for the Independent, Bruce Anderson, and former leader of the Scottish Socialist Party in Parliament – now their national spokesman, Colin Fox.
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This was the Riddoch Questions that went awry. Technical difficulties meant a short programme where the Finance Secretary was probed by Lesley and his Labour Shadow John Park.
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The Leader of the Scottish Labour Party joined Lesley in the studio for the last Riddoch Questions for 2008. There were some remarkable revelations.
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Lesley’s guests on Riddoch Questions this week are Anne McGuire, Labour MP for Stirling and former Minister for Disabled People; Christopher Harvie, SNP MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife and Honorary President of the Scottish Association for Public Transport; and Mike Dailly, principal solicitor at Govan Law Centre.

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Joining Lesley on Riddoch Questions this week are Derek Mackay, leader of Renfrewshire Council, Stephen Curran, treasurer on Glasgow City Council and Geoff Mawdsley, Director of public services think-tank Reform Scotland. Council finances get a robust airing.
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This special edition of Riddoch Questions was recorded at Scotland’s Philanthropy Debate – a live event in Edinburgh, organised by the Scottish Community Foundation.
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This week’s Riddoch Questions is a special programme looking at banks, national confidence and the battered cause of independence in Iceland and Scotland.  The programme includes interviews recorded by Lesley in Iceland with ordinary people affected by the collapse of their economy.  And in the studio for a live discussion are SNP MSP and independent HBOS supporter Alex Neil and Labour MSP and former adviser to Donald Dewar, David Whitton.
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Lesley’s guests on Riddoch Questions this week are Councillor Martin Ford - the man who said no to Donald Trump as former Head of Planning in Aberdeenshire; Zin Craig, American social commentator and staunch Republican; and Iain Macwhirter, the political journalist and broadcaster.
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Lesley’s guests on Riddoch Questions this week were Johann Lamont, the Scottish Labour deputy leader and Glasgow Pollok MSP, Pete Wishart, the SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire, David McLetchie, the Conservative Edinburgh Pentlands MSP and Jeremy Purvis, Lib Dem MSP for Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale. The issues were HBOS, Brand and Ross and independence.
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This 'Riddoch Questions' was recorded at Kirklands School Methil at an event organised by the Fife Gingerbread Group. All the political parties contesting this crucial by election were at this meeting on October 23. As you will hear, it was a very live audience !
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Riddoch Questions travelled to Jedburgh for a live debate in front of a live audience. The panel included Cllr Martin Ford - the man who said 'no' to Donald Trump as former Head of Planning in Aberdeen, Professor Jane Bower - a leading wind- sceptic, Duncan McLaren - Chief Executive of Friends of the Earth Scotland, Patrick Harvie - Scottish Green MSP, Dr Sian McGrath - from Aqua Marine Energy, and Bob Graham - chairman of the Highlands Against Windfarms
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Pennie Taylor’s sitting in for Lesley this week, and joining her on Riddoch Questions are Scottish Daily Mail columnist Katie Grant, Scotsman columnist George Kerevan and sociology expert Stuart Waiton. And making a very early morning ( for him ) appearance; American comedian Will Durst. The end of capitalism, strikes and the American election all feature in Riddoch Questions
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The new Scottish Secretary, David Cameron's Conference Speech, under age drinking, and  free school meals were the topics. Michael White of the Guardian joined in to pummel the issues of the week in Riddoch Questions.
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Lesley is joined by Michael Connerty MP, Christine Grahame MSP, and Bill Jamieson of the Scotsman after the Labour Conference, HBOS takeover and nuclear power all figured in the week's news. As ever, three strong personalities and a Riddoch Questions that answers all of the questions.
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In front of a live audience at the Edinburgh University Students' Association, the panel of 4 MSPs and an ex-MSP tacked some big issues. HBOS, the credit crunch, under age drinking were discussed. Fiona Hyslop announced that the banning off sales to under 21s ( - it made the news!) And the audience were an articulate vocal bunch - we will be hearing more from these young people in the future !
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In the first Riddoch Questions after the summer break, the panel took on Gordon Brown's demise, chain gangs, a Scottish Channel together with the runners and riders for new Scottish Labour leader. It was action packed and full on.
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In this investigation for Radio Scotland, Lesley looks at the role of Historic Scotland in preserving or conserving the 47 thousand listed buildings in Scotland. This portion of the broadcast lays out a series of 'challenging' stories; starting with two sisters and their windows.
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The big topic for the Riddoch Question panelists was the Labour Leadership; norht and south. There were differing views as to whether Gordon Brown should remain in his present situation. Equally, the runners and riders in the Scottish Labour Leadership race were appraised.
Riddoch Questions and the team are taking a short break and will be back live on September 12th and here in cyberspace, a week later.
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These three journalists join Lesley in this week's Riddoch Questions and dissect the Glasgow East bye election result.
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Lesley’s guests on Riddoch Questions this week are the Scotland Office Minister and Inverclyde MP David Cairns, Shadow Scottish Secretary and MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, David Mundell , Robert Brown MSP  and Scotland’s Deputy First Minister and MSP for Glasgow Govan, Nicola Sturgeon.
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The Channel 4 documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle" has been in the news again. Ofcom has published its adjudication of its investigation of complaints. Martin Durkin, the documentary's director and producer, was interviewed for Riddoch Questions, broadcast on 30 May 2007. Here you can hear the extended interview with Martin as Lesley probes the issues.
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Lesley’s guests on Riddoch Questions this week are SNP MP for Moray, Angus Robertson, Green MSP for Glasgow, Patrick Harvie and London-based Political Editor for the Scotsman, Ross Lydall.
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In a week of resignations and Scottish tennis triumph, ex Labour MSP Christine May, Scotsman writer Joyce McMillan and development guru, Robert Crawford joined Lesley to unpick the week's news.
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Riddoch Questions went on the road to the Outer Hebrides. Panelists included David MacLennan of SNH, Lionacleit S6 student Kevin Donkers, Jane Farmer of UHI, Gaelic columnist Angus Peter Campbell, Storas Uibhist Chairman Angus MacMillan, and Lochboisdale Community Council chairman Ronald MacKinnon. The subject; "do the islands have an economically viable future ?"
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Pennie Taylor will be sitting in for Lesley on this week’s Riddoch Questions and she’ll be joined by Minister for Public Health Shona Robison, Conservative Highlands and Islands MSP Mary Scanlon and Scottish Editor of the Daily Telegraph, Alan Cochrane. Health is on the agenda big time.
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David Davis, underage sex, drugs, and Europe all featured in this "robust" conversation/discussion about the week's big topics.
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Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Henry McLeish former First Minister, and Fraser Nelson of the Spectator join Iain McWhirter in dissecting the week's news which ranges from the US Election, the PM's troubles analyzed by Paddy Power the bookmaker, Scotland's oil through to BBC remuneration for its stars.
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With a robust panel of an ex Labour Energy Minister, a seasoned Scotsman Executive Editor and a Chief Constable, the programme flew. Topics like oil, energy, and knifes all got a good airing.
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The day after the Crewe and Nantwich by election, the studio is packed with Labour MSP Malcolm Chisholm, Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser, agony aunt/journalist Joan Burnie and journalist/banker Alex Hastie. The result, the economy and  fags all make appearances as the panel sift through the news stories of the week.
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George Foulkes, Alex Neil, Jim Spence and Philip Campbell join Lesley in the studio in a new format Riddoch Questions. The panel examine the news in a week where Rangers fans trash Manchester, Burma gets worse and the Prime Minister can't get a break.
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In this week's Riddoch Questions, Duncan Simpson and MSP Mike Pringle are at opposite ends of the 'Plas Tax' debate. Should plastic bags be banned ? It was a fairly emotive debate where compromise seemed impossible.
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Cllr Willie Young of Labour and Neil Fletcher of the Lib Dems on Aberdeen City Council are divided over the current budget deficit which threatens services in the city. In a packed Riddoch Questions, there are plenty of callers and some  'spirited' questioning as to how  it got so bad.
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The subject of dual language provoked a huge storm when it was proposed in Caithness.This week's Riddoch Questions reflected the debate with heated discussion and everyone had a 'square go'.
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With the Food Standards Agency questioning 'the organic label' as the only natural choice, Mike Small of Fife Diet fame had a lot of explaining in this Riddoch Questions. Iain Mcwhirter was in the chair as farmers, conventional or otherwise, got wellied in.
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George Monbiot and Nicola Sturgeon lock horns in a debate that had the telephone switchboard glowing red hot with callers. Would it make sense for GP surgeries to be open in the evenings or at weekends ? Everyone had an opinion and lots were expressed in this heated Riddoch Questions.
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Tom Brown asked for the Labour Party to come back. This week's Riddoch Questions started by examining the state of the Labour Party in Scotland.
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Riddoch Questions examines the continuing fascination with Scotland and Tartan as the annual Tartan Week gets under way in the New York.
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Linda Fabiani...extra Due to technical difficulties, it was not possible to get the Minister for Europe, External Affairs and Culture, Linda Fabiani on today's Riddoch Questions programme about 'Tartan Week'. However, Lesley was able to catch up with Ms Fabiani and put some of the questions and issues raised in the programme.
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After the previous week's discussion about the demise of the pub, this week it is the turn of the Post Office. There are government plans to close more and feelings are running high.
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Alistair Don claims the Scottish pub is done for. The smoking ban and the new Licensing Act have put it on its knees. There is a lively debate as Lesley jumps into the middle !
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7 March 2008  Is Fairtrade really fair ? Marc Sidwell and Linda Fabiani, the SNP Government's External Affairs Minister lock horns over Fairtrade. Has the concept delivered or deceived? Listen again as Lesley turns up the heat on a fast'n'furious Riddoch Questions.
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29 Feb 2008 Nick Clegg and Tavish Scott - the Lib Dems Tavish Scott joins Lesley in the studio at the start of the Scottish Lib Dem conference in Aviemore. Lesley starts by interviewing Nick Clegg, the temperature rises as referenda are clearly on the agenda.
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Iain Mcwhirter, standing in for Lesley, meets Alec Spencer an ex prison governor  and the subject is prisons. The news lately, has not been good for the Prison Service with a series of high profile abscondees. Many are questioning the purpose of prison.
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15 Feb 2008 The Green Tolls Stewart Stevenson and Alison Johnstone locked horns over the tolls and traffic congestion. Lesley had to jump in from time to time as a lively debate ensued.
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Feb 8 2008 Howard Stapleton and the Ultrasonic Teen Terror Howard Stapleton joins Lesley to explain his novel way of handling teenagers; ultrasonically. Within days of the topic appearing on Riddoch Questions, the English Children's Commissioner is calling for a ban on the audio device that targets children. Co-incidence; may be but the discussion gets heated as the generations have their say.
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February 1 2008 - Clinton vs Obama In a packed and heated Riddoch Questions, Lesley tried to get to the bottom of the Democratic party's dilemma  about  Hilary Clinton with a number of American guests; campaigners Karin Robinson and Margot Miller, political editor Justin Shrager with Canadian author and Washington based journalist Suzanne Goldenberg adding to a crowded but fascinating programme.
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January 25 2008 - Cycling After the tragic death of Jason McIntyre, the Scottish Champion Cyclist, it was an appropriate time to discuss cyclists and motorists. With Anthony Robson, cyclist,  in one corner and Baroness Sharples aka 'Baroness Basher' in the other, the stage was set for a great Riddoch Questions.
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James Ferguson came into the studio to take on the big issue of remote medicine. All of the emotive topics around broadband, A+E closures and health related concerns were raised in a lively Riddoch Questions
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Jim Mather, the Enterprise czar explained mind mapping, broadband speeds and his strategy for taking Scotland forward. Lesley gets stuck in and the subsequent discussion reveals some of the underlying challenges facing the Enterprise minister.
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John Crawford thinks wheelie bins should be emptied biweekly. Ross from Bearsden disagrees. This week's Riddoch Questions has everyone talking rubbish.
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A week is a long time in politics and Martin Ford the Aberdeen councillor saw his fortunes change. A golf course, an American billionaire and some very heated debate feature in this week's Riddoch Questions. The producer was heard afterwards to say " Now, that was phone in."High praise indde and you will find out as you listen to Lesley and her guests.
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Irvine Welsh, the author of 'Trainspotting' was pretty forthright about drink; it is a human right to get intoxicated. The phone lines lit up and the debate was heated as Lesley Riddoch steered everyone around the subject of the demon drink.
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Murdo Fraser came into the studio to explain why it wasn't fair for Scottish MPs to vote on English matters. The 'West Lothian question' got examined in detail in a discussion that saw everyone with a strong opinion including listeners.
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Mike Small thinks we should only eat food from our immediate surroundings. This has been dubbed the Fife Diet and was the subject of Riddoch Questions. Mike did not have an easy time of it...including a withering attack from the students at Baldragon Academy...but importantly what do you think ?
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Education was on the agenda when the Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop came into the studio. Class sizes, NEETS, the role of colleges and a host of other topics as Lesley put the issues of the day to her.
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 The Scottish raj or the macmafia; whatever it is, Jeremy Paxman has strong views. The conversation starts with the Queen, Royalty and some revelations. The phrase 'you are a lazy journalist' is thrown in at one point. Lesley Riddoch meets Jeremy Paxman and fireworks do happen.
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In this episode of Riddoch Questions, Nicola Sturgeon MSP and Deputy Leader of the SNP answers some tough questions about the current Scottish Government's performance to day. Speaking from the Aviemore at the SNP Party Conference, she does not get an easy ride.
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Jeremy Bowen, the BBC Middle East editor wasted no time getting to grips with Lesley's question; "was TV news guilty of 'dumbing down' ?"

The answer wasn't simple or comfortable.

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The MP Brian Donohoe turned up to assert Proportional Representation and the resultant Councils were not good, to say the least. It was a fractious encounter as Lesley got into the middle and had to pull the various parties apart.
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 Is Ian Paisley beyond the pale ? In the opening address at this year's Wigtown Book Festival, the Northern Ireland First Minister was in top form. Following up some of his remarks, Lesley met up with Belfast writer, Malachi O'Doherty and took the temperature. The 'Troubles', the new leadership and Ulster Scots were the focal points. In fact, Ulter Scots and 'big jessies' seemed to inflame everyone...
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Germaine Greer is no stranger to controversy. In this week's Riddoch Questions, Ms Greer lays into 'ladettes', shares gloomy thoughts about feminism and explains her infamous 'Diana' quote. Well, what would you expect when two feisty women engage ?
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The Chief Exec of Scottish Wildlife Trust doesn't want Donald Trump and his proposed Aberdeenshire golf course. Lesley gets a variety of opinions from golfers, opponents and even a geologist! Yes, Donald Trump does make an appearance.
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Teenagers smoking is the hot issue. Maureen Moore of ASH says 'no', Belinda Cunnison of Pro Choice says 'why not' and some Dundee youngsters say 'double standards'. Christine Grahame SNP MSP also joins Lesley in this lively debate.
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Riddoch Questions returns after its summer break with a hard hiting programme about drugs. In the hot seat is John Vine Chief Constable of Tayside Police who argues we should be prescribing heroin to reduce crime. It is a heated debate with some fascinating contributions from Bob Wylie amongst others.

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Tony Blair's spin doctor was Lesley's guest on Riddoch Questions. He was colourful and controversial. The ensuing discussion about Scottish media was heated and illuminating. This is the last in the current run of Riddoch Questions which returns on September 7 on BBC Radio Scotland. Thanks for listening.
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Affordable housing, land banks, and planning constraints all came to the fore when Stewart Maxwell, Communities Minister came into the studio. Lesley and her guests heard some awful stories from young people trying to get on the bottom rung of the housing ladder. Housing is clearly a very emotive subject.
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Lesley is in the Outer Hebrides this week and the talk turns to the Sabbath and ferries.There is a fairly heated debate between a Reverend, a Councillor and a startled MP. In the end, no one did get their Sunday crossing from the Hebridean Festival this year...but who knows about next year.
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Lesley meets Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish Justice Minister in the aftermath of the Glasgow airport car bombing. She also visits Dundee Central Mosque and meets the Chariman, Imam and young people - their views make for an interesting reality check. 

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Against the background of the SCCRC report about the bombing, Jim Swire agreed to come on Riddoch Questions. Lesley handled the whole emotive subject well. There were a few startling revelations.
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