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Scottish politics dissected from a left, pro-independence stance. Each week, award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Lesley Riddoch chews over the week’s news with former media lecturer and Dundee United fan, Pat Joyce. If you like intelligent, quirky chat about Scottish society and culture, and Scottish, UK and international politics analysed from a Scottish perspective; this podcast is for you.

Mar 24, 2020

After the major announcements last night by the Scottish and UK governments extending the emergency measures to combat the spread of Covid 19 there was only one way to begin this week's podcast.

Lesley examines the bit by bit approach taken by the UK government and we speculate on whether the very male nature of the Johnson Cabinet has influenced its approach.

Lesley focuses in particular on the plight of the over five million folk who are self employed,in the gig economy, or on zero hours contracts. Is the very nature of the British state,since the 1980s, being challenged by the Covid crisis and what can we, collectively learn from it in shaping the post Corona virus country?

She also expands on how the lessons learned might be applied to tackling the climate emergency.

I put in my tuppence worth, not only on those topics, but chip in on two mythologies, the Blitz spirit so beloved of Brexiteers and the right in general, and the non existence of the,so called,"magic money tree".

At any other time the result of the Alex Salmond trial would be the headline across the media. We try and and evaluate the impact of the verdict and what the whole process means to the SNP, Yes movement,  civil service, police, and Crown Prosecution Service.

Lesley has been hard at work putting together a film celebrating the 700th anniversary of The Declaration of Arbroath. If you need any lifting of spirits, just listen to this segment, and cheer.

Along the way there's also mention of the venality of some employers, my scubby shave, and Agatha Christie novels.