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Scottish politics dissected from a left, pro-independence stance. Each week, award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Lesley Riddoch chews over the week’s news with former media lecturer and Dundee United fan, Pat Joyce. If you like intelligent, quirky chat about Scottish society and culture, and Scottish, UK and international politics analysed from a Scottish perspective; this podcast is for you.

Mar 3, 2020

Lesley's back and so is the podcast.

Estonia regained its independence in 1991 and Lesley went there to make another in her series of groundbreaking films exploring our Nordic neighbours. She reports back on what she found and makes a surprising revelation.

Lesley was struck by the lack of bureaucracy in Estonia and how connected the citizens are. I, on the other hand, reflect on the death of Prince Fosu at an Immigration Removal Centre in 2012 and what it says about our society.

Priti Patel is, once again, in the headlines, this time for accusations  of bullying. We pass no comment on these recent allegations but look back to 2017 and her resignation from her post as International Development Secretary of State.However we do question whether there can be a fair process given the statements by Johnson and Gove.

There have been half a dozen notifications by notable SNP MSPs that they will not be standing in 2021. I try and dispel any sinister inferences but Lesley wonders if the resignation of Gail Ross tells us something significant about how outdated even Holyrood is as an institution.

Along the way we preview Super Tuesday in the States, Ruth Davidson's fee, and I shoehorn football into the chat on Estonia.