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Mike Small thinks we should only eat food from our immediate surroundings. This has been dubbed the Fife Diet and was the subject of Riddoch Questions. Mike did not have an easy time of it...including a withering attack from the students at Baldragon Academy...but importantly what do you think ?
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It was a fairly sparky old programme and Mike the man with Fife Diet took it on the chin. But, in the aftermath, what did he think?  And what didn't get said on the air ?  Lesley and the crew discuss  Riddoch Questions - the Fife Diet, reveal all and hatch an unusual Burns Supper.
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Education was on the agenda when the Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop came into the studio. Class sizes, NEETS, the role of colleges and a host of other topics as Lesley put the issues of the day to her.
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Lesley takes us behind the scenes and explains what happened with Fiona Hyslop...what did happen if you were on the phone trying to speak to the Education Secretary ?...she also talks about some of the programmes coming up in the Riddoch Questions series...each week we try and get Lesley to come to the microphone and tell us a little more...
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 The Scottish raj or the macmafia; whatever it is, Jeremy Paxman has strong views. The conversation starts with the Queen, Royalty and some revelations. The phrase 'you are a lazy journalist' is thrown in at one point. Lesley Riddoch meets Jeremy Paxman and fireworks do happen.
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In this episode of Riddoch Questions, Nicola Sturgeon MSP and Deputy Leader of the SNP answers some tough questions about the current Scottish Government's performance to day. Speaking from the Aviemore at the SNP Party Conference, she does not get an easy ride.
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