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Jim was a drug addict and is now a successful painter/decorator. He would like to expand his business. But is he hard edged enough ? Lesley Campbell takes him to meet the Old Hand who is the 'hairdresser to the stars'; Charlie Taylor. Charlie's advice is not what you would expect. Coupled with Lesley's unique style of inspiration, will Jim go for it ? Listen again to find out. This is the last in the current series which will return in early 2009.
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The Labour Party conference in Aviemore was the starting point for this week's Aftermath. Truth, answering questions and a disappointing lap dance all figure in the minds of the Riddoch Questions crew.
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After the previous week's discussion about the demise of the pub, this week it is the turn of the Post Office. There are government plans to close more and feelings are running high.
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Alastair Knox and the Contact Lenses Alastair Knox got on a flight without a spare contact lenses container. He had a great product idea and now Lesley Campbell is on his case. She wants to know how he is going to get to market. This is tough love.
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Alistair Don claims the Scottish pub is done for. The smoking ban and the new Licensing Act have put it on its knees. There is a lively debate as Lesley jumps into the middle !
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The week after discussing the demise of the boozer, it's the turn of the Post Office. The Riddoch Questions posse manage to talk about nearly everything except queues, stamps or postal orders. Which is a blessing for us all because, it leaves more time for kicking politicians, 'capers' and more gossip. As ever, Richard is inclined to use adult terms in descriptions and hence the cherished 'Clean' designation can not be used this week. Caution is urged if you are playing this in the 4x4 on the school run.
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Amanda and the 'bump bling' Lesley meets Amanda Ishaq who thinks pregnant doesn't mean fashion deprivation. Her great idea is 'bump bling' and Rachel Jones helps her make some key decisions.
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The discussion on Riddoch Questions was all about the death of the Scottish pub. So the crew took this as the springboard for a discourse about dates, coffee shops and strange tea places.
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7 March 2008  Is Fairtrade really fair ? Marc Sidwell and Linda Fabiani, the SNP Government's External Affairs Minister lock horns over Fairtrade. Has the concept delivered or deceived? Listen again as Lesley turns up the heat on a fast'n'furious Riddoch Questions.
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Abdullah and the Games Idea In this episode of New Hands, Abdullah Khan has had an idea that will take computer games into the next generation - but he’s hit a brick wall and needs a cool two million pounds to get over it.
New Hands features owners of new businesses who’ve hit problems they can’t solve. Each week Lesley Campbell diagnoses the real challenge facing each “new hand? and introduces then to an experienced entrepreneur or “old hand?.
This week does Ian Ritchie have the spare dosh or a better idea ?
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Fair Trade Aftermath The Fair Trade Riddoch Questions flew along. Scott, Jules, Sean and Lesley reveal the secret of speed in a radio programme and there are the usual revelations about train fares, hot dates and ID cards.
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29 Feb 2008 Nick Clegg and Tavish Scott - the Lib Dems Tavish Scott joins Lesley in the studio at the start of the Scottish Lib Dem conference in Aviemore. Lesley starts by interviewing Nick Clegg, the temperature rises as referenda are clearly on the agenda.
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Helen McPhee has a great idea and lots of experience. When Lesley Campbell meets her, Helen has a business plan, a cash flow and the support of her family. But she still hasn't pitched to anyone. With the help of Bill Fleming, this week's Old Hand, Helen starts to feel the pressure. There is a surprise for Helen that jolts her into action.
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