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Scottish politics dissected from a left, pro-independence stance. Each week, award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Lesley Riddoch chews over the week’s news with former media lecturer and Dundee United fan, Pat Joyce. If you like intelligent, quirky chat about Scottish society and culture, and Scottish, UK and international politics analysed from a Scottish perspective; this podcast is for you.

Apr 28, 2020

This week's take on Scottish politics definitely has risk at its core.

A minutes silence at 11 this morning for Workers' Memorial Day was dedicated to key staff in the NHS and care system.But were they put in danger by UK government negligence over the supply of PPE?

When we compare how small countries, such as New...

Apr 21, 2020

As lockdown continues, despite the growing murmurings from some quarters that it should end, the UK Parliament is set to amend its arcane procedures to allow remote working.

We ask if the way Westminster works is fit for purpose, and  the very nature of , what passes for, debate and governmental scrutiny, derived from...

Apr 15, 2020

As Donald Trump plays the blame game with the World Health Organisation Lesley kicks off this episode trying to get to grips with why certain countries appear to have coped with the Covid 19 crisis substantially better than the UK and the USA.

Here's a wee hint contact tracing and testing.

We also, yet again, look at...

Apr 7, 2020

It's an outside broadcast this week as Lesley takes advantage of the sunny weather to join me from the back step of her cottage.

Saturday saw the launch of the Declaration of Arbroath movie made by Lesley and filmmaker Charlie Stuart. This in the deafening silence surrounding the 700th anniversary from...