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Scottish politics dissected from a left, pro-independence stance. Each week, award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Lesley Riddoch chews over the week’s news with former media lecturer and Dundee United fan, Pat Joyce. If you like intelligent, quirky chat about Scottish society and culture, and Scottish, UK and international politics analysed from a Scottish perspective; this podcast is for you.

Oct 13, 2020

The gloves seem to have come off in the ongoing controversy in the Alex Salmond inquiry with Nicola Sturgeon's interview on the Sophie Ridge programme.

We give our reaction, not just to the interview, but the significance of the affair not just for the SNP but the broader independence movement.

Lesley also delves into George Kerevan's speculation in The National that recent resignations by SNP MSPs are linked to a new,Salmond led, political party.

Meanwhile, amidst a plethora of videos, some definitely more cringeworthy than others( yes you Angus Robertson) the SNP Commonweal Group has been asking candidates to sign up to a Resilient Scotland pledge. The results should be enlightening.

There have been significant events at Westminster the past week with more evidence of exactly what a post Brexit UK will look like. Douglas Ross "rebelled" on the vote to protect current food standards and animal welfare measures. Andrew Bowie told Scots to "get used to it" , the it being greater UK government intervention in Scottish decision making. And Gavin Williamson let the cat out of the bag on the power grab.

Lesley focuses on that Bowie sound bite and its implications, while I, yet again, look at the crony capitalism rampant in the response to Covid.

All of this plus, a tribute to Dolina Maclennan, Boswell and Johnson on Sky Arts,  Jo Nesbo's "Occupied",  Samuel L Jackson voiced documentaries, and lots more.